Event Schedule

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Wed11CAIBoard Meeting
Sat21Z8 Zone 8 Awards Banquet-The Queen Mary Long Beach [-ad-] [-register-]
Sat/Sun28/29SDRDE TT-Chuckwalla [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Fri/Sat24/25AZDE [-register-]
Sat4SDRAX-Qualcomm-CANCELLED [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Mon6GPXDE AX [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Fri10PCAWerks Reunion Amelia [-ad-] [-register-]
Sat/Sun11/12SDRDE TT-Chuckwalla [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat/Sun18/19LVRDE Spring Mountain
Sat25SBRAX [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Wed/Sun29/2PCATreffen-Hill Country-Austin [-register-]
Sun2SDRAX-Qualcomm [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Fri7LARRacin Around the Willow I [-register-]
Fri/Sun21/23Club Race @ California Festival of Speed-Auto Club Speedway [-ad-] [-register-]West Coast Series
Fri/Sun21/23Z8Time Trial @ California Festival of Speed-Auto Club Speedway [-ad-] [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat22911 Timeline @ California Festival of Speed-Auto Club Speedway [-ad-] [-register-]
Sun30CAIConcours in the Valley [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sun30SARCinco de Mayo AX-Musselman Kart Track [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Fri/Sat5/6SARCinco de Mayo and Concours [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat/Sun6/7Luftgekuhlt [-ad-]
Sat20CCCRAX-Santa Maria Airport [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat/Sun20/21SDRDE TT-Streets of Willow [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sun21SGVConcours [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Thu/Sun25/28RRRRoadrunner Region Fiesta New Mexico Santa Fe [-ad-]
Fri26LARRacing Around the Willow II [-register-]
Sat/Sun27/28LVRDE Spring Mountain
Sun4OCRAX [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sun4GPXConcours [-ad-] [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat17OCRConcours-Fountain Valley [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sun/Sat9/15PCAParade-Spokane [-ad-]
Sat15CAIPetersen Museum - Vault Tour [-register-]
Fri18PCAWerks Reunion Monterey [-ad-] [-register-]
Sun20SDRAX-Qualcomm [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sun10LARConcours [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat16CCCRAX-Santa Maria Airport [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat16SDRConcours-Spanish Landing [-ad-] [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Wed/Sun20/24PCATreffen-Asheville [-ad-]
Sat23RRTimeline-Lake Arrowhead [-ad-]
Sat/Sun30/1SDRTT CR-Willow Springs [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sun1GEMAX-Shaffer Airport [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sun8SBRConcours [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Mon16GPXDE [-register-]
Sat/Sun21/22SDRDE TT-Chuckwalla [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat/Sun21/29SDRFall Wine Country Tour [-ad-] [-register-]
Sun22GEMConcours [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat28SBRAX-Camrillo Airport [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sat28AZConcours-Phoenix Flight 40 [-ad-]Z8 Points Event
Sat11SARDE-Inde Motorsports Ranch [-register-]
Sat/Sun11/12SDRTT CR-Buttonwillow [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Sun12OCRAX [-register-]Z8 Points Event
Tue/Sat24/28PCATreffen=Santa Ana Pueblo NM [-ad-]